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The Finnish Blue Ribbon – The Strategy for 2019–2022

Everyone is worthy

The Finnish Blue Ribbon, an umbrella organization of just over 100 member associations helps people who are facing difficulties in their lives.

The specific expertise of the organization and its 100 plus member associations, operating all over Finland, lies in substance abuse and gambling problems, addictions, mental health problems, long-term homelessness, and social engagement.

Our motto is ”Everyone is worthy”

Our mission

The mission of the Finnish Blue Ribbon is to reduce deprivation and the harmful effects of substance abuse and gambling. We provide support for those having encountered related problems to these issues, people living in difficult sitatutions and those employed in relief work. We act as our members’ central organization. The Finnish Blue Ribbon and its member associations form network of Christian diaconal work.

Our understanding of the concept of human

The Finnish Blue Ribbon’s activities are based on Christian view of humans according to which everyone is of equal value. It is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to experience inclusion and to be able to influence their own lives. Everyone has the right to mercy and grace.

We work to transform talk about dignity into actions:

  • on the societal level: we influence structures and attitudes, striving to make them reinforce inclusion and reduce inequality
  • on the individual level: we treat everyone with respect, which in turn strengthens trust in oneself, others and life.

Our priorities

As un umbrella organization, the Finnish Blue Ribbon

  • boost the expertise of its members
  • disseminates good practices of its member associations, and
  • oversees the interests of its members and people involved.

In this role we

  • more specifically identify the varying needs of our member associations and strengthen their leadership kills
  • build new partnerships to secure our member associations’ functional requirements and to ensure high quality support and services for their target groups
  • reinforce the well-being expertise of our member associations’ employees, volunteers, peers, experts by experience, and clients.
  • help our member associations copy with spiritual needs and longing
  • conduct research, evaluations and surveys to promote our member associations’ activities.

As a developer, the Finnish Blue Ribbon

  • anticipates changes in the environment in which it operates
  • reacts to changes and
  • searches for, develops and disseminates new solutions.

In this role we

  • develop substance abuse-related services for families, relatives and significant others in order to break vicious circles between generations
  • strengthen the rights of different groups of people who are prone to marginalization so that they equally receive support and access to services
  • invest in developing the digital skills of our target group.

As an expert in the harmful consequences of gambling, the Finnish Blue Ribbon

  • helps gamblers and digital gamers and their relatives
  • develops ways in which to provide support and help, and
  • plays an influential role in reducing gambling harm in society

In this role we

  • offer wide range of accessible services, and we meet the client confidentially and respectfully
  • professionalism and peer support reinforce each other in our services
  • collect and produce up-to-date information on gambling problems and on the experiences of gamblers and gamers. We bring this information to the public discussion and to decision-making
  • our expertise is based on research data, experience gained through our work, with clients, client participation, and learning together.